We care about conservation

Our support of Land & Life Foundation is our commitment to responsible tourism, ensuring future generations can enjoy the wonders of Africa and safari adventure. Land & Life believes that the sustainability of East Africa’s wildlife and habitats depends on four key actions: securing land for conservation, protecting species and their environment, providing tangible benefits to the people who live alongside wildlife, and educating the next generation of conservationists.

We believe tourism can be a force for good. When you come to Africa with us, we’ll give back to Africa.

 Supporting Land & Life.

For every SkySafari guest, we make a contribution to Land & Life, a foundation committed to ensuring local communities receive tangible benefits from tourism. The money raised is ploughed into a range of targeted education programmes, community outreach initiatives and conservation projects in key wildlife conservation areas around Kenya and Tanzania, including the Masai Mara, Amboseli, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro – all areas that our SkySafaris visit. As Land & Life’s administration costs are covered by partners, 100% of every donation received goes directly to its operations on to the ground, where it’s needed most.

All about education.

Passion for wildlife cannot exist without knowledge. So part of Land & Life’s work is to educate the next generation about conservation, to spark a passion for the natural world and to inspire local communities to safeguard their unique species for the future. Land & Life’s Wildlife Warrior Program involves experts and guides motivating and instructing youngsters living in Kenya’s and Tanzania’s key protected areas, and provides scholarships for budding conservationists. The aim is to help nurture the next generation of wardens, rangers and environmental advocates. Since its launch in 2014, the programme has worked with over 2,000 children.

Nature conservation.

Land & Life’s conservation work stretches right across Kenya and Tanzania; in Kenya alone, it plays a significant role in safeguarding over 1.36 million acres of land. One particularly ingenious initiative is Land & Life’s Human Elephant Conflict Mitigation Program, which distributes toolkits to farmers to help them deter elephants from raiding their land. The toolkit – which includes devices such as chilli bombs, fireworks and LED torches – is a simple but effective way of protecting both crops and, ultimately, the elephants themselves.

Logistical support.

Land & Life delivers the right stuff where it’s most required. It provides medical supplies and equipment, and runs medical camps where patients can access free family planning advice, counselling and testing for HIV and diabetes, and screening for cancer. The foundation also supports schools, supplying items such as stationary, books, desks, sports equipment and uniforms, as well as constructing classrooms, kitchens, toilet blocks and rainwater harvesting systems. It’s inspiring work, and SkySafari guests have the opportunity to visit some of these projects, to see the benefits their presence can bring.

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We’re committed to making your SkySafari the adventure of a lifetime as well as helping to safeguard the African wilderness for future generations. Want to know more about how we do both? Get in touch with our expert team for your safari bookings in Tanzania.