Booking Terms & Conditions

Whereby SkySafari agrees to grant the AGENT the following terms & conditions set out herein, for Calendar Year 2023. It is clearly understood that any bookings or reservations made between the AGENT and SkySafari including, but not limited to, its affiliates and/or its partners are governed by the Trading Terms & Conditions set-out herein. For the avoidance of doubt the governing legal jurisdictions will be The United Republic of Tanzania and/or The Republic of Kenya.

Provisional Bookings

Provisional bookings will be held as indicated below. In the event that SkySafari receives a reservation request that requires the booking being held by the AGENT on a provisional basis, SkySafari reserves the right to request the AGENT to either release the booking or make a 20% deposit within 48 hours against the space held in order to secure it.

No. of Days Prior to Arrival Held for:
More than 90 days from date of arrival 14 Days
Between 60 and 31days from date of arrival 7 Days
Less that 30 days from date of arrival 48 Hours

Bookings held provisionally will be released automatically on expiry. Please note that in times of high demand SkySafari reserves the right to shorten the provisional expiry period.

Confirmation of Booking

A booking will only be confirmed upon receipt of deposit payment or a booking voucher from the tour operator. Please ensure the booking voucher contains the following information:

  1. Property you wish to book (specify if family tent, house, cottage, etc.)
  2. Date and time of arrival and departure
  3. Mode of arrival and departure
  4. Number of pax., rooming list and configuration (# of doubles, twins, singles, etc)
  5. Names of clients, their ages and especially of any children in the group.
  6. Any special requirements
  7. Nationality of Clients
  8. If booking residents – indicate this clearly on voucher and attach proof of residency.

Once a voucher confirming the booking has been received, the voucher will be stamped ‘CONFIRMED’ and a copy will be sent back. On receipt, please double check details. Any further amendments or cancellations should follow the same procedure.” Please ensure that clients have a copy of their Confirmation Voucher, as they are required to present this voucher on arrival at the corresponding camp / lodge.

Payment & Deposit Policy

Bookings must be secured by a 20% deposit within 48 hours upon confirmation with the balance payable 30 days prior to arrival. Bookings not secured by the appropriate deposit may be released without prior notification.

Release Periods & Cancellation Policies for Confirmed Bookings

Between the booking date & 46 days prior to arrival 20% cancellation charges
Between 45 & 21 days prior to arrival 50% cancellation charges
Within 20 days to date of arrival 100% cancellation charges

Group Bookings Payment & Cancellation Policies

20% non refundable deposit 14 days after confirmation
50% payments due and 50% cancellation fees apply 120 days before travel
100% payment due and 100% cancellation fees apply 60 days before travel

These clauses are applicable to group bookings. Bookings of 5 rooms or more will be considered GROUP BOOKINGS. For SkySafari the deposits are non-refundable.

Amendment in Rates

Prices are subject to change without prior notification. Prices are also subject to change in the event of changes in government imposed taxes, fuel price, hotel charges, tourism levies and or the introduction of national, regional or local taxes or levies of whatever nature.


Whilst the company uses its best endeavours to ensure that all anticipated accommodation is available as planned, there shall be no claim whatsoever against the company for a refund either in whole or a part, if any accommodation or excursion is unavailable, or the passenger was unable to use this service.


The AGENT confirms and agrees that the contents of this agreement are strictly confidential to the undersigned and that no part of this agreement in any form may be divulged to a third party.


The contractual terms mentioned in this agreement are subject to change without notice; however, every effort will be made to maintain them. In the event of a change in rates offered by Third Part Suppliers and/or a change in Government Taxes or Levies affecting the rates or terms mentioned herein, SkySafari reserves the right to pass on any increases to the AGENT.


The AGENT agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless SkySafari, the owner, and their respective affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents and assigns of each from and against any and all damages, losses, claims, demands, suits, proceedings, judgements, losses or expenses (including, without limitation, costs, attorneys’ fees and fees of other professionals) on any nature whatsoever (whether based in tort, breach of contract, product liability, patent or copyright infringement, or otherwise) arising directly or indirectly from or out of the performance or operation of this Agreement including their respective activities.

Levies & Taxes

Rates are inclusive of current taxes, except for Zanzibar Infrastructure Levy and Park Fees.

SkySafari Aircraft

From time-to-time and in order to ensure and continue to maintain the highest levels of safety and standards, our SkySafari Executive Cessna Grand Caravan will be required to undertake scheduled and unscheduled maintenance works. In both cases, SkySafari will provide an alternate aircraft, from a third party, to undertake any and all flight commitments. In such an event, SkySafari cannot guarantee the same interior layout to that of our SkySafari Executive Cessna Grand Caravan and in such cases the Guest may be due compensation not exceeding US$50 per sector and only where a third party aircraft was used on any such sector.

Force Majeure

SkySafari or Agent is not liable for delay or failure to perform any obligation hereunder in so far as the performance of such obligation is prevented by a force majeure event. Each party shall notify the other party of the occurrence of such force majeure event and shall use all reasonable endeavours to continue to perform its obligations hereunder for the duration of such force majeure event. However, if any such force majeure event prevents a party from performing all its obligations hereunder for more than one (1) month, the other party may terminate this Agreement by notice in writing. For the purposes of this Agreement, a force majeure event means any event which is beyond the reasonable control of the party liable to affect performance, and shall include but not be limited to acts of God, riots, acts of war, and acts of terrorism, Industrial dispute, epidemics, fire, power failures and natural disasters. For the avoidance of doubt, force majeure does not include strikes or other employment disputes of either party’s personnel or such party’s subcontractors’ personnel.

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