APRIL 2023

Increased International Routes in the Sky

Air France increases capacity to Nairobi and Saudi Airlines launches four times a week to Tanzania

Airlift to both Tanzania and Nairobi has been given a boost with Air France increasing flights to Nairobi from June 2023 to a daily service, up from four previously. Saudi Airlines also launched a direct route from Jedda to Dar Es Salaam in March, now offering passengers four flights a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.

This additional airlift complements what is already a fantastic choice of airlines to both Kenya and Tanzania. Below we list a few of the main carriers.

  • Airlines that fly direct to Kenya include Kenya Airways, British Airways, KLM, Air France, Delta, American Airlines, Swiss Air, Emirates, Qatar, Swiss Air, South African Airways.
  • Airlines that fly direct to Tanzania include KLM, Kenya Airways, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airways, Turkish Airways, Emirates, South African Airways.

New Sky Images

Check our stunning new imagery in the SkySafari trade pack

We are always looking for ways to help our trade partners sell SkySafari, so we hope that the addition of new breath-taking imagery across the SkySafari camps and lodges will help entice customers to book. Log on to here to view and download images and videos.

Fly Further

Why city or beach is the perfect way to bookend your SkySafari journey

A SkySafari private plane safari journey is like any other and to make it even more memorable, the SkySafari team can organize for you to bookend your safari trip with additional time to explore the cities of Nairobi or Arusha with stays at Hemingways Nairobi and Arusha Coffee Lodge or add a relaxing extension at the dreamy beachside resort of Kilindi Zanzibar.

For those who choose to add extra nights in Nairobi, travellers can visit the elephant sanctuary for orphaned baby eles at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The organisation is a pioneer in the rescue and hand-raising of orphaned baby elephants and rhinos, through to their reintegration to the wild when grown. Another fantastic experience includes the Giraffe Visitor Centre where visitors can get up close and friendly with the graceful, long-necked creatures.

For those spending some extra time in Arusha, Arusha Coffee Lodge offers a fantastic array of experiences and activities for guests, including tours of the coffee plantation located on the premises and a tour and visit to Shanga, a social enterprise, which is located in the grounds of Arusha Coffee Lodge. The workshop employs local residents who have disabilities and teaches them to create beautiful items including hand blown glassware, textiles, place settings and other decorative homeware and clothing items, as well as handmade jewellery, and more. A visit to Shanga can include your choice of workshop tours, activities, information sessions and shopping. In addition to these experiences, Arusha Coffee Lodge also offers an exceptional culinary experience for guests, with constant updates to menus with seasonal ingredients and dishes.

After a week in the bush, where better for some rest and relaxation than overlooking the Indian Ocean from your very own pavilion at Kilindi Zanzibar on the Zanzibar coast. Comprised of a series of white-domed Pavilion guest rooms all set in 50 acres of lush tropical gardens, Kilindi is a rarity in the world of luxury boutique hotels. Guests can enjoy an intimate and tranquil beach stay, accompanied by activities such as a private dhow cruise, snorkelling, a variety of water activities and of course, delicious culinary experiences.


Emily Ndolo, Operations Manager for SkySafari, shares information on the tailored experiences and comprehensive services guests can expect

We sat down with this month with Emily Ndolo, Operations Manager for SkySafari in Kenya, to chat more about the tailored experiences and comprehensive services guests can expect while on their safari journey, as well as her top tips for guests.

Why is SkySafari one of the easiest safari journeys you’ll take?

SkySafari offers a convenient and enjoyable way to explore the African wilderness in Kenya and Tanzania while taking care of all the logistics and ensuring a responsible and sustainable journey. In addition, SkySafari uses a small private aircraft between different game reserves and national parks. This eliminates the need for long drives and saves a lot of time allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful scenery from above which is a unique experience in itself.

What does SkySafari offer in terms of comprehensive services for guests?

Tailored Itineraries, luxury accommodations, experienced guides, private transportation, fine dining experiences, cultural experiences and concierge services.

Can you share information about the arrival experience at JRO and NBO for international guests? What are the advantages here that SkySafari offers?

The arrival experience for guests is smooth and efficient. In Nairobi, SkySafari provides a meet-and-assist airport service provider who aims to provide a seamless, stress-free arrival experience for the guests, ensuring that they feel well taken care of from the moment they step off the plane to the moment they leave the airport.

What has been a more challenging situation that you were able to resolve for a guest?

A most recent situation was when guests did not submit their application for e – visa processing on time, as a result, they were unable to make their connecting flight to Nairobi after arriving in Amsterdam. To mitigate their disappointment, I was able to contact the relevant office and advised them to resubmit their application all while liaising with the SkySafari booking consultant to provide alternative travel dates. In the end, guests were able to proceed to Nairobi after getting visa approvals and alternate travel dates.


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