August 2021

Children under 12 Stay Free with SkySafari

We at SkySafari believe that spending time with family is even more precious these days, especially given our hectic and ever-changing world. Our family holiday rates, offering discounts for all children under 18 years old, ensure you and your loved ones can enjoy priceless time together exploring the wondrous bush of East Africa.

SkySafari’s full buyout rates allow children 12 and under to stay for free when sharing a room, paying only park fees, while kids aged 12 to 18 receive a 30% discount, including in their own room. Not only do we have have special kids rates on our full buy-out but also on our set departures. There are fewer more gratifying experiences in the world than witnessing your child uncover the beauty and interconnectedness of the natural world.

Save 50% on Second Person Bookings for Travel until June 30, 2022

Our team knows safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we’re happy to invest in your enjoyment with our latest offer. For bookings on select SkySafari departures from now until end of June 2022, guests who book one seat will receive a 50% discount on the second person sharing a double/twin room. The offer is valid for every second person per double/twin during the travel period until June 30th, 2022. 

 SkySafari is also happy to offer complimentary use of a private game vehicle or a hot air balloon journey free of charge in either the Serengeti or Amboseli National Park for bookings of four or more people.

These special offers must be booked separately and cannot be combined. For reservation information and full terms and conditions, please contact us at

Why Fly SkySafari?

Travel VIP with SkySafari’s Seamless Fast Track Airport Experience

SkySafari makes sure you’re treated as a VIP from start to finish thanks to our seamless fast-track airport experience. The SkySafari priority entry allows you to skip the queues at Wilson and Arusha airports in Kenya and Tanzania respectively, speeding up your airport security screening experience. We seek to eliminate any needless waiting around, ensuring you have more time to relax and enjoy your fly-in safari holiday. Our private, personal, and direct executive-class flights save on time and once you board, you’ll be whisked straight into the wilderness of East Africa.
Sustainable Sky

A Social Enterprise Enabling Employment for Disadvantaged Locals

Shanga employs local people with disabilities to create unique, high quality, jewellery, glassware, and home wares incorporating recycled materials. Located next to Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge, guests on their first night of the SkySafari Tanzania itinerary should take the time to explore this inspiring workshop, where the team is more like a family than work colleagues.

Shanga became part of Elewana in 2017 as part of their corporate social responsibility programme. Visitors can purchase products that are not only beautifully hand-crafted but also kind to the environment, choosing from a variety of soft, brightly coloured scarves, wraps, Masai shukas and blankets all made from locally grown cotton. The underlying theme of tailoring is to repurpose fabric.

Beautifully crafted jewellery is designed using traditional Masai beading techniques and made with stunning glass beads sourced from recycled wine and spirit bottles. Glassware is hand blown and available in a rainbow of colours that will add a touch of style and a memory to tables as guests return home.

Fly-In Chats

Our SkySafari Pilot Explains Why He Has the Best Job in the World

Peter Wachira has been flying the SkySafari circuit for almost ten years, below he shares some of his observations on how no SkySafari journey is ever the same.

Tell us a little about your job as a SkySafari pilot

It must be the best job in world, I get to fly the same guests every other day, watch them enjoy their safari and hear of their experience getting better with every park & camp. I fly out of Nairobi or Arusha with guests, and I fly back with friends.

How much wildlife do guests usually see from the sky on an average SkySafari journey

It’s incredible how much wildlife you get to see from the plane, the elephants you see when we fly into Amboseli are very impressive, and passengers see all sorts of antelopes and grazers as we fly into the Mara. The migration is also visible from the air, it is a spectacle to see the wildebeests looking like ants crossing to and from Tanzania.

In your opinion which are the most spectacular views from the air on the SkySafari itineraries

My favourites are Mount Kilimanjaro, the elephants and flying over the Mara

What is the most unusual wildlife obstruction you have seen on the runway in the bush

I have been forced to circle around the landing strip due to many animals on the runway including gazelle, zebra, and wildebeest. I’ve also had to wait for guides to clear the strip for take-off because of the same.

What do you think is one of the highlights of flying SkySafari

The comfort of the plane as you fly above the plains of East Africa and when possible, the opportunity to sit upfront and be “co-pilot”.

What do you find guests get most excited about

How quick they see the big five.

Which is your favourite camp in the circuit

All the camps are so uniquely different, I honestly love them all.

Fun Flying Facts

How Much Does a Lion Eat in a Day?

Many people are aware that lions are carnivores but not so many may realise that like domestic cats all their nutrients can only be found in animal flesh. The amount of food eaten by lions varies greatly but generally averages 5g to 10kg per day. However, they can eat a lot more when food is abundant: males can eat as much as 40kg of meat – around a quarter of their body weight – at a time, while females can eat up to 25kg in a day.

The order in which lions in a pride get to eat is determined by the dominance hierarchy: adult males will eat first, followed by adult females, and then sub-adults and cubs of both sexes. A large kill will typically be defended less fiercely than a small kill, as there is more meat to go around.

Thanks to Lion Landscapes for these interesting facts!

Sky's The Limit

SkySafari’s PR Rep Recounts her Fly-In Tanzania Adventure

Our carefully curated SkySafari adventure to Tanzania was truly one of the most amazing trips of my life. We were warmly met by the SkySafari team at Kilimanjaro airport and from that moment onward, I knew this was going to be a journey unlike any other.

Our VIP departures and arrivals, especially at a crowded Arusha airport, were seamlessly orchestrated thanks to our fast-track airport experience. Our immediate airstrip boarding allowed us to enjoy our decked-out executive class Cessna as we soared from destination to destination enjoying a variety of opulent accommodation along the way. The SkySafari staff made sure every moment of our journey was personalised. Thanks to our fly-in safari status, we had direct flights and saved nearly 20+ hours of time, which we used to truly enjoy our wildlife adventures on the ground.

Along with the incredible game viewing and meeting exceptional guides in each location, one of the trip highlights was flying co-pilot. As I sat next to our knowledgeable and jovial pilot, I was fully absorbed by the sky and the earth below, captivated by the topography and curiously watching as he pointed out wildlife encounters unravel below. Elewana Collection offered a high level of hospitality in remarkable locations, and we spent lovely overnight stays at Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge, Elewana Tarangire Treetops, Elewana The Manor at Ngorongoro, and Elewana Serengeti Pioneer Camp. I cannot wait to get back and try out the new SkySafari East Africa itinerary in 2022!


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