December 2021

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a happy and healthy Festive break and best wishes for the New Year.

Above & Beyond

In November SkySafari had the pleasure of hosting fam trips for a selection of Africa experts.



We are delighted to share with you some of their comments on the experience:

“This is the ultimate way to travel around Kenya! The SkySafari plane is luxurious: the leather seats are more akin to a comfortable armchair than an airline seat, one each side of the aircraft, so plenty of room, and a window seat guaranteed. Champagne enroute confirms that you truly are travelling in style. Travelling by air means you get to where you are going, into camp, out on game drives, seeing the wildlife: experiencing what you have come for, fastest: SkySafari planes mean you do this in consummate style. Sharon Holmes, Native Escapes

“I can’t recommend SkySafari highly enough to not only ensure an incredibly comfortable flight, but also to maximise your time on safari – the very reason for visiting the reserves. By removing the multi-stop flights and having the flexibility to time your transfers around your plans, not a minute of your time on safari is wasted.” Philippa Henley, Audley Travel

“Now I am Back home, not a moment goes by where I’m reflecting on some of the amazing experiences we had on our SkySafari through Kenya.” Jeff Adam, Africa Answers

“We fell in love with the Manor Ngorongoro, enjoyed the best massage in 35 years with Sumaiya” Lisa & Nancy – Vision Travel

Christmas with the SkySafari team



We asked some of our team to share how they plan to spend their Christmas holiday.

“We plan to have a big breakfast, followed by opening gifts (only for my daughter). We shall go to the Arusha Coffee Lodge for lunch, where they have a Christmas party. We shall wind up the day watching Christmas movies and enjoying homemade dinner.” Amisha, SkySafari staff member

“Christmas is family time, full of joy, love & laughter, and I shall be spending Christmas with my family and friends.”  Bryan, SkySafari pilot

“I will be celebrating Christmas here in Tanzania with family and friends. Our yearly tradition is having everyone over for a Swedish Christmas dinner on the 24th.” Mia, SkySafari general manager


SkySafari general manager summits Kilimanjaro for the 12th time



A huge congratulations to Mia who summited Kilimanjaro over the Independence Day weekend for the twelfth time. On this occasion Mia took the journey with her 16 old daughter Emma, who conquered the ‘Roof of Africa’ for her first time. Mia commented on the memorable trip “It was a stunning hike as Kilimanjaro is one of the most biodiversity rich mountains in the world.”

With SkySafari East Africa departing and concluding in Arusha, a Kilimanjaro climb is a perfect add on for guests looking for a rewarding challenge.


Reasons to book SkySafari in 2022



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