JUNE 2023

A guide to high season and navigating the Great Migration

Whether guests are booked on the Kenya or Tanzania SkySafari itineraries over the next few months, they are guaranteed a fantastic Migration experience. In Kenya, Sand River Masai Mara is located on the northerly route of the annual migration and with the camps’ ideal river setting, it is possible to see spectacular sights without travelling at all. Likewise, this is the same for Serengeti Migration Camp, which is strategically located, meaning that the migration passes right by the property as the wildebeest head north and again when they are heading south. In contrast, Serengeti Pioneer Camp is located in the south-central Serengeti offering additional access to the annual migration, along with sweeping views of Moru Kopjes, Lake Magadi, and the majestic plains.

The highly trained guides at all the properties are well versed in finding the best spots to view wildlife without getting caught up with the high season traffic.

When taking a SkySafari at this time of year, we highly recommend you bring your own binoculars. Whilst pairs are available in all vehicles, this will ensure you never miss a memorable sighting. Likewise, a decent camera is advised. It is also a good idea to pack layered clothing, whilst temperatures tend to be warm during the day, they can often drop so warm layers are a must when travelling on safari. Don’t overpack as all camps and lodges offer a laundry service so clothes can be washed on route. Sunscreen and insect repellant are also strongly advised, although again these are available on safari.

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Explore a culinary journey with an emphasis on fresh local ingredients

Whether travelling on in Kenya or Tanzania, guests travelling on SkySafari can expect a voyage of discovery through the food and beverage served at the Elewana Collection properties. Much emphasis has been placed on sourcing local ingredients with a play on traditional recipes.

The properties across the group collaborate with regenerative farming practices, such as the Farmer Max chickens and Highland pork farmers. By supporting local farmers, they are not only sourcing high-quality meat but also promoting sustainable farming practices in the community.

Nearly all the properties on the SkySafari circuit have their own “shamba” gardens where fresh produce is grown and used in the kitchens. This not only provides flavorsome ingredients but also allows guests to learn about the environmentally conscious farming practices that are used to protect the environment.

At Serengeti Pioneer Camp guests wake up to a ‘sunrise on the rock’ breakfast, offering African dishes such as Eggs Mayai, a traditional Tanzanian street food eaten countrywide and Swahili coconut beans.

At the Arusha Coffee Lodge a new fine dining African-inspired tasting menu was introduced last year with a selection of elegantly plated small dishes incorporating uniquely Tanzanian ingredients.

Loisaba Tented Camp has its own take on utilising a local invasive cactus with the vividly pink prickly pear cocktails and ice cream regularly featuring in the menu.

Earlier this year, the Manor at Ngorongoro introduced a new farm-to-table dinning concept. Starting with fresh farm eggs and sourdough breads and culminating in a fine dining experience featuring five small courses each drafted to highlight the vegetables grown on the property from zingy fresh heirloom tomatoes to the subtle sweetness of root vegetables.


We speak to Elewana Group Training and Development Chef, Nicky Bryden, about what’s on the menu during a SkySafari

Can you expand on what SkySafari guests can look forward to from the menus at the properties they visit

In the Elewana Kitchens we are constantly evolving and developing but the constant is the use of fresh local ingredients so guests can always expect a seasonal menu. We have recently added an array of new dishes to our Tarangire Treetops Menu and have revamped the Manor Food experience to ensure a complete farm to table experience. In Kenya we have incorporated a Swahili inspired dish to all of our dinner menus which give our guests a traditional taste of Africa. We have also introduced new ‘under the stars’ dining venues, which will incorporate a lot more live fire cooking.

You take a strong standpoint on serving environmentally conscience food, tell us more about that

We are working closely with suppliers and our procurement teams to make decisions with the future wellbeing of our planet and ourselves in the forefront of our minds. We are also ensuring we align our brand with our values by supporting the smaller farmers and choosing products that don’t use hormones, antibiotics and pesticides, even if it comes with a cost.

Can you give us some more details on how you will continue to keep the produce local

I spend a lot of time researching new products that are East African grown. Often companies and chefs fall back on imports due to lack of knowledge or don’t want to put the effort into finding products that are local.

East Africa is a Garden of Eden and we have an ever growing list of products that are unique to this part of the world. Our chef teams take great pride in seeking these out, playing and inventing dishes and then adding them to our menus for all to enjoy something they might never have tried before.
Just recently we added a Sorghum Wild Mushroom Risotto to our menu and it really has become my favourite risotto of all time.

What are you most excited about over the coming months

The honest truth is I get excited about new crockery, this is one of my greatest joys, opening a new box of beautiful plates and bowls I get to play around with and design a dish to suit them. I am really pleased with our new African Dining experiences, fire-cooking for me is one of the best ways to impart flavour into foods and I’m so keen to test the boundaries with some new concepts and ideas.


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