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SkySafari’s luxurious travel packages ensure a seamless and unforgettable safari experience, with tailored itineraries designed to showcase the best of Kenya and Tanzania, exceptional accommodation and personalised service. Whether you’re interested in exploring the iconic Serengeti, witnessing the Great Migration, or discovering the rich biodiversity of Amboseli National Park, there’s a perfect itinerary for you. Each journey includes stays at Elewana Collection properties, ensuring luxurious comfort and exceptional service throughout your adventure.

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Sustainable Sky

When Guests book with SkySafari they are supporting Community Projects and Sustainable Practises

SkySafari has an ongoing partnership with Carbon Tanzania to ensure that most carbon emissions from every SkySafari journey are compensated for. Additionally, all room nights at Elewana properties on the SkySafari itinerary contribute to the Land & Life Foundation which works tirelessly to ensure that tourism has a positive impact on the surrounding communities and wildlife where the properties are based.

Sky Community

Land & Life Foundation Furthers Commitment to Carbon Footprint Reduction and Climate Change Awareness

The Land and Life Foundation (L&L) actively calculates the group’s carbon footprint as part of their climate change responsibility and journey to net-zero emissions. Carbon footprint refers to the total amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere from activities of an individual, group, or organization, contributing to global warming and climate change.

L&L diligently track and assess energy consumption and transportation emissions across all properties and associated business units, including SkySafari. This measurement provides valuable insights that guide them in implementing comprehensive sustainability strategies and greener practices aimed at minimising their carbon footprint.

For example, L&L are working on the following initiatives:

Solar Power Initiatives: L&L has installed solar panels at several properties, significantly reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Eco-friendly Transportation: Transitioning to electric vehicles for intra-property transport reduces emissions from traditional fuel-powered vehicles.

Water Conservation Efforts: Implementing water recycling systems to reduce water waste and preserve local water resources.

Furthermore, the L&L Foundation conducts climate change awareness training for staff across all business units, inspiring positive behavioural changes to reduce carbon footprint at both individual and organizational levels. This includes workshops on energy conservation, waste management, and sustainable practices that employees can implement both at work and at home.

Conservation Partners

Carbon Tanzania Shares Project Updates for First Half of 2024

The Carbon Tanzania project can support various community initiatives thanks to the impactful utilization of carbon revenue, aided by partnerships like those with SkySafari.

This month, the group shared how they help sustain the Hadza hunter-gatherer lifestyle by providing crucial carbon revenue that fuels forest protection endeavours. This revenue not only bolsters environmental conservation efforts but also aids Hadza students in their educational pursuits, merging traditional wisdom with formal schooling.

Earlier this month, the team also conducted their annual occupancy modelling exercise in the Makame Wildlife Management Area (WMA) which is situated in northern Tanzania, near the eastern border of Serengeti National Park and southwest of Lake Manyara. The project oversees six globally threatened species, including elephant, giraffe, wild dog, oryx, lion, and leopard, with support from SkySafari. There were numerous sightings of lion and leopard tracks in the last few months, highlighting the conservation project’s effectiveness.

Finally, the Ntakata Mountains project, located in western Tanzania, near the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika, continues to generate substantial revenues for local communities, with benefits rippling throughout the region. Next month, project communities are poised to receive earnings from credit sales totalling 14.25 billion Tanzanian shillings (US$5,746,117), cumulatively amounting to $9.3 million earned by community partners. This significant revenue, acknowledged by the Tanzanian Government during their recent budget speech, offers vital financial backing for the region.

In Conversation about Conservation & Community

We Talk to the Land & Life Foundation About How Properties and Locations on the SkySafari Route are Implementing Practices For Good

Shalini Tak, Sustainability and Environmental Manager tells us about some of the most recent projects and how they have impacted local communities.

Can you tell us a little about your role with Land & Life

I work with the Land & Life Foundation (L&L) as a Sustainability and Environmental Manager.

Our Mission at L&L is “To harness the power of our Group of companies to ensure that every guest journey taken has a direct positive impact on our planet and its people. With a Vision of “A sustainable future where communities and wildlife thrive together across conservation areas, safeguarding our planet for generations to come.”

We achieve this by focusing our activities in three core areas:

  1. Environmental Management & Conservation
  2. Impact Driven Community Development
  3. Social Enterprise Growth

Every programme/project/activity we engage in has an impact on each of these 3 core areas which form our sustainability ethos.

How does L&L work with the Elewana properties to improve sustainability credentials and help conservation

The Land & Life Foundation monitors all Elewana properties’ carbon footprint by collecting monthly data on energy and fuels usage as well as any other direct or indirect greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, L&L conducts bi-annual internal environmental management systems audits on all Elewana properties to assess the environmental impacts of the properties and how to best mitigate these. L&L also trains staff members on best practices surrounding waste, water and energy management to ensure that environmental standards are being met. As part of the trainings, L&L champions behaviour change to ingrain the importance of environmental conservation. In this way the Land & Life Foundation works with Elewana to oversee and maintain environmental standards.

Could you tell us about some of your favourite projects at the properties that SkySafari visits

At Tortilis Camp Amboseli we are working with local communities to implement renewable energy solutions to provide an alternative to reliance on firewood and diesel. As part of this, we solarized a communal borehole pump at Esiteti Primary School in Amboseli, which included piping to multiple water outlets for the community as well as construction of wildlife and cattle water troughs at a suitable distance.

Community labour was used wherever possible. This project has provided water access to over 190 households in the community as well as the Esiteti Primary School which has more than 800 students and staff. School kitchen gardens were also irrigated.

In addition, we are hoping to see reduced human wildlife conflict in the area as wildlife can also access water more freely. In the next phase we will pilot regenerative agricultural projects with local women’s groups to improve climate resilience through increase food security, economic empowerment and knowledge transfer.

Shanga, located at Arusha Coffee Lodge, is a social enterprise, which employs people with disabilities to create unique and high-quality handmade jewellery, glassware and homewares incorporating recycled materials. These products are sold in the Shanga shop, as well as around the world, with profits being reinvested back into developing opportunities to employ more people with disabilities. Combining an uplifting local community project with artistic activities and opportunities to purchase handmade gifts, Shanga became part of the Elewana Group in 2017 as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programme to provide the social enterprise with long-term stability.

Shanga’s open workshop is located in the grounds of Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge with areas for glassblowing, weaving, sewing, Tinga Tinga painting and bead-making, where you can try your hand at some of these activities. A visit to Shanga can include your choice of workshop tours, activities, information sessions and a full shopping experience where you can purchase all beautiful handmade gifts.

And finally, In January this year, history was made as rhinos were introduced into Loisaba Conservancy after an absence of more than 50 years. 21 eastern black rhinos were relocated from other conservancies and parks around Kenya, through the collective determination of the Loisaba Conservancy, the Elewana Collection and various other government and conservation stakeholders.

Using cutting edge technology in collaboration with other conservation organisations, the conservancy is tracking and monitoring these rhinos daily and guests can see these efforts whilst visiting the three Elewana Collection properties.

The reintroduction of rhinos to the Conservancy is a testament to the shared vision of safeguarding our natural heritage for future generations, a core value for Land and Life and the Elewana Collection.

How do guests taking a SkySafari contribute to conservation and local communities

For every night spent at an Elewana property, Elewana contributes a fixed bed night revenue that covers Land & Life’s operational costs. Therefore, any donations contributed by the SkySafari guests go directly into programmes on the ground in the communities around the properties.


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