Still time to book green season rates for mid-season dates in December

For guests wanting to take advantage of a last-minute bargain to see out 2023, green season rates are still available for mid-season dates on SkySafari 8-day and 10-day Kenya and Tanzania itineraries, as well as the quintessential 13-day East Africa experience until the 19th December 2023. The offer is applicable to new bookings only, subject to availability and non-combinable with any other offers. To take advantage of these amazing savings, contact us at


SkySafari shortlisted for Travel+Leisure 2024 World’s Best Award

We are excited to have been nominated for these prestigious awards and would be very grateful for support with your vote.

Visit Travel+Leisure to cast your vote before 26 February 2024. You can vote more than once.

The voting process is quick and takes just a few minutes by clicking on the Travel+Leisure website:

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Fly with SkySafari over the festive period and enjoy a Santa’s sack full of special events, themed meals, and seasonal offerings


SkySafari guests enjoying a safari over the festive period will be in for a treat as Elewana properties on both the Tanzania and Kenya circuits roll out a merry selection of festive events.

In Tanzania, Arusha Coffee Lodge is hosting five course gala dinners, a New Year’s Eve party with DJ and karaoke, plus parents do not need to worry about any sore heads the next day as kids will be entertained with face painting, arts and crafts and cupcake decorating. Other properties on the circuit will be rolling out the festivities with celebrations drawing on local Masai culture, specially crafted menus using the very best of local products with a celebratory twist. Each property has created individual activities in keeping with its unique offering such as horse grooming and feeding for the kids at the Manor Ngorongoro, a Samburu Warriors dance at Loisaba and a variety of sunset spectaculars in picturesque locations to witness the sun set on 2024.

Thank you for visiting SkySafari at Magical Kenya Travel Expo 2023

We are very grateful to the buyers that visited the SkySafari stand at Magical Kenya Travel Expo 2023 which took place at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre this month. The event was well attended with over 140 buyers from all over the world. We were delighted that there was so much interest in SkySafari and the perfectly crafted itineraries showcasing the best of Tanzania and Kenya. We are looking forward to nurturing the new relationships forged at the event and welcoming future guests.


Carbon Tanzania provides support to local communities’ thanks in part to SkySafari

We are happy to share updates from Carbon Tanzania, with whom SkySafari has partnered with since 2022, and the communities that they serve. SkySafari’s purchase of high-quality carbon credits from Carbon Tanzania help to compensate for all SkySafari guest flight emissions, road transfers and our operational head office power consumption. The credits are applied towards forest community partners in order to support the protection and sustainable management of wildlife-rich forests, along with providing economic and livelihood improvements. Carbon Tanzania supports various initiatives throughout the country, including the Yaeda-Eyasi Landscape Project which protects 110,000 ha of dryland forest in northern Tanzania, the ancestral homeland of the Hadza hunter-gatherers and the Ntakata Mountains project which protects 216,994 ha of Miombo woodland in the Greater Mahale Ecosystem, western Tanzania by developing Village Land Forest Reserves (VLFRs) with local communities.

This month, Carbon Tanzania confirmed that the communities of the Makame Savannah project will receive carbon revenues earned over the previous six months, thanks to the success of their forest protection project. Located within a Wildlife Management Area (WMA), the Makame Savannah project allows the Masai people of the Rift Valley to continue their traditional lifestyle of herding cattle, a way of life for them for over 2,000 years. In protecting 364,322 hectares of dryland forests, the programme engages with local Masai to establish community land use plans which offer seasonal grazing areas for them and their cattle. The project ensures the ecosystem remains healthy by protecting 364,322 hectares of dryland forests and conserving critical habitat for protected wildlife.


Meet our fantastic guest relations team – Emily, Clever and Eve – and get a glimpse of SkySafari behind the scenes

Our guest relations team, comprised of Emily, Clever, and Eve, share a glimpse of their work and how they aim to go above and beyond to ensure each guest enjoys the safari trip of a lifetime.


Introducing the team

EmilyEmily, Operations Manager, Kenya: With a decade of expertise in hospitality operations, Emily’s multifaceted role includes managing reservations, cultivating guest relations, and overseeing diverse operational aspects. Her profound industry insight and dedication contribute significantly to SkySafari’s commitment to unparalleled guest experiences and operational excellence.

EmilyClever Fednand Mmari, Guest Relations Officer, Tanzania: A proud member of the SkySafari team since 2017, Clever began his career as a mountain hiker with a top safari operator and then steadily gained experience in the hospitality industry at different camps throughout East Africa, including Elewana, working in a variety of positions including mountain and tracking guide, camp relief manager, administrative assistant, operations assistant, head of guest relations and head of housekeeping, before joining SkySafari.

Eve, Guest Relations & Operations Assistant, Tanzania: Passionate about guest relations, marketing and operations in the tourism sector, Eve holds a degree in business administration and previously held roles as a front office supervisor and a receptionist, with a strong emphasis on delivering exceptional customer service.

What does a typical day look like for you in your role at SkySafari?

Emily: In my role at SkySafari, a typical day involves dealing with enquiries for both Kenya & Tanzania itineraries from my assigned geographic region, managing the reservation process, while being responsible for the entire enquiry/booking process, coordinating operational logistics, and serving as a guest liaison. I work closely with the operations team to ensure seamless experiences for our guests, addressing their inquiries and feedback to maintain positive guest relations.

Eve: One of the foremost duties of my role is to check that all the booking information about guests is correct and confirm important details such as dietary restrictions, health issues, and any significant celebrations. We then pass this information to the camps and stay in touch with reservation and camp management teams should there be any updates or concerns raised by guests. We make sure all guests are covered by Amref and have been booked on a fast-track service and ensure transfer vehicles are clean and stocked with all the necessary amenities. I also get to meet and greet guests at the airport and accompany them on their transfer to Arusha Coffee Lodge. We brief guests and confirm their details to ensure we didn’t miss anything, as well as reconfirm their departure schedule. We also meet and greet guests at the airstrip who have just finished their safari, to help them with a connecting flight or drive them back to Arusha Coffee Lodge for hot lunch and a day room depending on their outbound flight time. We like to debrief with guests about their safari experience before we say our goodbyes at the airport.

Clever: I welcome and host guests upon arrival and departure in Tanzania and brief them about their upcoming adventure. I assist guests with all their needs during their sojourn at Arusha Coffee Lodge. For example, I help to reconfirm flights or print documents, if needed. I am also able to take them around to explore places they were not aware of and would be good to see, such as organizing extra activities like a tour of Shanga or a city tour. There are also small, but very important things I help with such as procuring medicine, repellent, etc if required. I also assist with company operations in different areas including preparing transfer sheets, feedback forms, flight schedule sheets, and other administrative tasks.

What do you love most about your role at SkySafari?

Clever: The most amazing thing about our company is working with a very supportive team from the management to senior colleagues. I also enjoy being able to satisfy all of our guests needs, making all the efforts to make their experience with us the very best and to make their stay perfect, from arrival to departure, without any complaints.

Emily: I love the multifaceted nature of my role as Operations Manager at SkySafari. Managing reservations and sales allows me to contribute directly to the business’s growth while overseeing operations to ensure everything runs seamlessly. Engaging with guests during briefings and checking on them during their stay enables me to build positive relationships and enhance their experience. The diversity of responsibilities keeps each day dynamic and fulfilling.

Eve: It allows me to meet different people from different parts of the world, culture, and beliefs, as well as have a chance to share with them how beautiful Tanzania is. I learn many different skills and it teaches me how to think on my feet while being calm. It also gives me a chance to work with different departments to make sure we offer the very best guest experience.

What are your favourite aspects about SkySafari that you love to share with guests?

Eve: I love to share that SkySafari cuts down on so much flying time, because we fly non-stop from one camp to the next. Guests will always be treated with love and care, and we employ the same high standards across all the camps. Also, their game viewing experience will always be exceptional thanks to our experienced guides. We always make sure the guests experience comes first, we go above and beyond for our guests!

Clever: I work with very passionate and talented people, who help one another and that translates to the guest’s experience. We work together to ensure each guest has a memorable safari holiday and I like to share with them the very best that a destination has to offer.

Emily: I’m excited to share the convenience and luxury of our safari experience, where guests get to explore stunning destinations seamlessly via a private Cessna Caravan plane, enhancing both comfort and adventure. I love the carefully curated itineraries that showcase the unique offerings of Elewana Collection’s boutique properties, ensuring a memorable and personalized safari experience, and the use of a private Cessna Caravan adds an extra layer of sophistication to the journey, making it truly one-of-a-kind.
One of my favourite aspects is the seamless integration of luxury and wildlife adventure, providing guests with a perfect blend of comfort and the thrill of safari exploration. In addition, the expertly crafted Sky Safari itineraries allow guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of Africa while enjoying the exclusive hospitality and charm of Elewana Collection properties. I enjoy sharing with guests the thoughtfulness behind each itinerary, designed to capture the essence of the diverse landscapes and wildlife, making their SkySafari truly exceptional. SkySafari’s commitment to creating sustainable and responsible travel experiences adds another layer of pride, as we contribute to conservation efforts while delivering an unforgettable journey for our guests.

What are some of the challenges you deal with in this role?

Emily: I’ve encountered challenges such as weather-related flight disruptions. To address these, we’ve implemented robust contingency plans, ensuring quick adaptations to provide guests with alternative activities. Clear communication with guests and proactive problem-solving has been key in maintaining a positive experience despite unforeseen challenges we remain committed to, our guests enjoying a seamless and memorable safari.

Eve: The challenges we deal with are occasional lost luggage and international flight delays/cancellations. We once had two guests who ended their safari and they received an alert that their flight from Tanzania to Kenya would be delayed, which meant they could not make it in time for their connecting Outbound flight. Before meeting with them, I connected with the file holder and informed her of the situation, and then we briefed our manager, and from there, we worked out the best option for the guest. I informed the guests of the available option, and they were happy to take it. They arrived in Nairobi safely and made their connecting Outbound flight just in time with the help of the fast-track service that we arranged for them.

Clever: There are very few challenges that come up, as everything is prepared ahead of our guests’ arrival. We mostly assist with the rare challenges of flight changes, delays, or cancellations, as well as luggage loss. I’m always checking flights the day before and even a few hours before to ensure they are on time. In the case of lost luggage, we can help our guests purchase important items that are needed, such as medicine or safari gear, and even take them to a doctor to get a new prescription. We also have our airline contacts and push to have guests’ luggage delivered with the next flight to arrive as soon as possible at the destination where guests are staying.

What inspires you day after day?

Emily: In my role as an Operations Manager at SkySafari, what I find most fulfilling is the opportunity to enhance the overall guest experience. Engaging in guest relations allows me to create positive interactions, address concerns promptly, and contribute to making each SkySafari journey memorable for our visitors. I work with a collaborative and supportive team, and this fosters a positive and dynamic work environment, making each day enjoyable and productive. My job also aligns with my personal values, allowing me to find purpose and meaning in my work, which is crucial for a sense of fulfilment and job satisfaction.

Clever: There are so many good things, I can’t count them all! Having good management that understands all of the team’s needs and the teamwork we have together, cooperating, and problem-solving together. Any time there is any issue, everyone is ready to help. I am so proud to be part of the SkySafari team!

Eve: Teamwork and the boundless opportunities that SkySafari offers.


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