October 2021

Above & Beyond – Family Fun with SkySafari

An Immersive, Hassle-Free Safari – Perfect for Families and Multi-Generational Travel

Let SkySafari take care of you and your family with a carefully curated private plane safari where every detail is taken care of. Fly between some of East Africa’s most luxurious camps and lodges in the comfort of our 9-seater Executive-class Cessna Caravan, which can also be purchased on full buyout, offering value for larger families.

A plethora of activities are on offer for both adults and children, ensuring that everyone is entertained, and the memories created will last a lifetime. Our programme has been designed to be enjoyable but also offer an educational perspective, allowing children to learn about our precious environment and how we can better protect it.

Children under 12 Stay Free with SkySafari Full Buy Out


We at SkySafari believe that spending time with family is even more precious these days, especially given our hectic and ever-changing world. SkySafari’s family rates allow children 12 and under to stay for free when sharing a room with adults, paying only park fees, while kids aged 12 to 18 receive a 30% discount on their own room. There are fewer more gratifying experiences in the world than witnessing your child uncover the beauty and interconnectedness of the natural world.

In Camp Babysitting Service Allows for More ‘You’ Time


Whilst we appreciate that a family safari is an opportunity to spend quality time together, we also acknowledge that parents might also like to spend some time relaxing whilst the little ones are taken care of. Our babysitting service can be arranged in advance to ensure that your children are well looked after whilst you get time to enjoy the wild tranquillity of the surrounding African bush.

Entertaining and Educational Activities for Kids of All Ages on SkySafari


Family safari is an exciting adventure in and of itself, exploring the vast and unspoiled wilderness of East Africa. SkySafari takes it one step further with fun-filled activities that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Engaging with the local community is an important element of every SkySafari adventure, so we offer guests the opportunity to meet with the local Maasai to learn more about their culture through immersive activities. Travellers young and old can visit a local Maasai village, take guided nature walks with the Maasai where they will learn to track animals and identify their footprints. The adventurous can engage in Maasai warrior and bush training, learn bow & arrow shooting or spear throwing. For a lovely souvenir, families can learn how to make Maasai jewellery and beading.

SkySafari also organises, in partnership with Elewana camps, visits to local schools and community projects including conservancy headquarters, such as in Loisaba, where guests can learn more about the anti-poaching sniffer dog units.

Discovering the great, wide-open landscape is also a must with camel rides, mountain biking, horseback riding, and fishing, while some properties offer opportunities for families to play croquet, volleyball and football.

Younger kids can engage in craft-making activities including making face masks, recycling various materials to make African musical instruments, such as drums, shakers, etc. as well as safari animals, like making giraffe stilts from recycled tins.

A Young Safari-Goer Shares Her Experience Aboard SkySafari


Safari is an incredible adventure for anyone at any age. We had a chance to chat with Emma, who at age 12 took a SkySafari trip around some of Tanzania’s and Kenya’s most beautiful national parks and conservancies. Her first-person account below is testimony to the wondrous experience that is SkySafari.

When I was 12 years old, my mother and I went on a SkySafari trip around Tanzania’s National Parks as well as to Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve and Loisaba Conservancy. Travelling through Tanzania and Kenya on a private plane was an experience that I had never had before. One of the best things about the private plane was that I could sit wherever I wanted! It also made for a great way to get to know your pilot because you were so close to them. He was great at helping us spot wildlife from high in the sky.

Each of the camps we stayed at had their own personality, with different wildlife and experiences that made them unique and special in their own way. Each camp was built according to their surrounding area and we had our own private vehicle for game drives which were so much fun. I loved my stay at each of them.

I also loved the activities. I loved doing the walking safari and night game drives and staying in the trees at Elewana Tarangire Treetops. One of the highlights in Kenya was “sleeping” under the stars at Elewana Loisaba Star Beds.

The animals we saw were epic. The staff was so kind and the guides really knew what they were doing. They were incredible at animal spotting and would stop for whatever we wanted to see. They would also help us take pictures of wildlife. My SkySafari trip was fantastic in every way.

Amazing SkySafari Aerial Footage


Witness some of nature’s greatest spectacles with aerial footage from a recent SkySafari

Can You Spot the Difference?


Can you spot the difference? Test out your knowledge of safari wildlife by trying to tell the difference between these alluring animals.

Family Travel on SkySafari – Webinar Replay


Listen in on our latest webinar to learn more about why a family trip on SkySafari is the perfect adventure for families and multi-generational trips. Click here for the replay of our webinar with SkySafari’s General Manager, Mia Lawson.


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