Still time to save 50% on the second person booking for SkySafari this year

There is still time to be spontaneous and enjoy a last minute SkySafari adventure in 2022. What’s more, guests will enjoy incredible savings of 50% off eight-day and 10-day itineraries in Kenya and the eight-day itinerary in Tanzania thanks to SkySafari’s companion offer. This unique opportunity includes all the wonderful extras that SkySafari is known for but at a heavily discounted rate, including seamless VIP transport through airports to our private planes, direct flights, top-class guides and luxurious camps and lodges in the most magnificent of locations.

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No need to worry about low season demand with every departure guaranteed with just two people

Low Season travel naturally attracts smaller numbers of travellers, which for many is the reason why it is such an appealing time to travel. However, this can run the risk on cancellations if minimum numbers are not met. With SkySafari’s commitment to guaranteed departures with just two passengers, you can book with confidence that guests will not be left disappointed.

To make life even easier, for exclusive buyout enquiries it is possible to arrange a personal zoom call with either SkySafari’s General Manager or Sales and Marketing Manager to discuss plans and answer questions.

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Michel Allard, General Manager of SkySafari tells us why he thinks more guests should be looking at low season travel

Michel has just recently returned from an ‘off peak’ SkySafari, below he shares with us some of the highlights of travelling away from the masses.

Why is SkySafari such a good option for Low Season Travel
Value for money is exceptional due to SkySafari’s “Green Season” rates mimicking the low season period. Generally lower occupancy in the camps and lodges means that a SkySafari guest is likely to experience even more exclusivity and privacy during their stay which enhances the overall experience. There is also no need for concern regarding cancellations due to low numbers as all flight are guaranteed with just two people.

Tell us a little about what guests can expect to see on game drives during these months?
Game drives are equally rewarding in low season as in any other time of the year and usually occur against a backdrop of lush, blooming vegetation if rains have fallen, or extremely dramatic skies from an approaching thunderstorm. The contrasts in landscapes never cease to amaze. Towards the latter part of the year, at the signs of the nearing rains, many animals and birds bear their young and one can expect to stumble across a new-born gazelle fawn taking its first steps of life, or even more captivating, witness the actual birth of a zebra foal on the African savannah. This is the time the elegant cheetah is most active and regularly seen. Low season is a particularly good time for bird lovers and our charismatic guides will be there to tell you their unique characteristics, from mating habits to nest building techniques.

You have recently taken a SkySafari out of peak season, what are your take aways about travelling away from the crowds?
Wildlife behaviour changes during the less crowded and frenetic low season which is much closer to their natural behaviour in the wild. Special wildlife sightings such as that of one of the Big Five are usually less crowded and therefore more enriching, with amazing photo opportunities. One gets to appreciate the vastness of the bush more and the sense of peace and tranquillity that comes with being “a few” amidst thousands of sq. km of wilderness.

What was your favourite SkySafari moment?
That is a tough question. There have been so many favourites. For me the early morning sunrises or late afternoon sunsets in a wilderness environment remain special. There are never enough of them and the last one is always better than the previous one. My favourite SkySafari moment thus far was a sunset set-up at Tarangire Treetops. Or perhaps when we hid behind the trunk of a giant Acacia Tortilis tree on a bush walk, as a family of elephants came to water fifty yards away, oblivious to our presence. Actually, it could have been the time I saw my first white rhino in almost a decade at Elsa’s. Then again, the picnic lunch on the banks of the Mara River, 15 feet above a pod of honking hippos whilst a lioness lazed away under a shady bush 200 yards away was pretty special too. As I said, tough question.

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Calling all photographers – why green season is the best time for capturing incredible images

The green season is known as the best time for photography in the bush for many reasons. Dramatic weather patterns with changing scenery, alluring landscapes, and shifting light patterns allow for clean, dust-free skies between rains to ensure photographers get picture perfect images. Additionally, there are less people out on safari, ensuring amateur and professional photographers have the vast open wilderness all to themselves. Pair this with active wildlife and breeding herds, including elephants, impala and wildebeest, and the opportunities to spot predators increase with each game drive. Birders will also delight in the breeding plumage and the many species of migratory birds who are visiting from Europe and Northern Africa. Finally, the landscape is rich in a deep emerald green and filled with flowers, a rare chance for photographers to capture animals with dramatic backdrops of the bush vibrant and lush with colour.

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The green season allows for spectacular wildlife viewing, especially for birders

The green season in Kenya and Tanzania allows for some spectacular wildlife viewing that guests may not otherwise see during other parts of the year. This is especially true for birders. Both Kenya and Tanzania host several migratory birds from Europe and Northern Africa, between March and April and a number of resident species are nesting and in breeding plumage during this time. Additionally, the calving season for many animals occurs March through May and it is an excellent time for wildlife viewing, as predators are active and breeding. The savannah grasses are lush and green, allowing for more animals to come out and graze and visitors have the game parks nearly to themselves. Flowers also come into bloom with abundant floral growth around March through June, making the landscape even more stunning.


Enjoy local cultural events during your low season trip

There are many local cultural events happening during the low season. The Karibu travel and tourism fair, held in Arusha during the months of May and June, offers exhibitions and sales of variety of traditional Tanzanian items, including artisanal crafts, precious stones, homewares and more. Tanzania’s Unification Day is 26 April and commemorates the unification of Tanganyika and the People’s Republic of Zanzibar and Pemba into the United Republic of Tanzania. There are local parades and celebrations organised to honour this special day. In Kenya, travellers can enjoy the Lake Turkana Festival in May, which is celebrated with colourful festivities from different local communities that live close to the Lake Turkana region. The festival was created as an event to ensure different ethnic groups work together to advocate for peace, unity, and reconciliation.


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