Family travel

We will fly your family to Africa’s best wildlife spots, look after your needs and fire your imaginations

The only thing better than your first sight of a lion is seeing it through your child’s eyes.

Watching their faces light up, their curiosity run rampant, their horizons grow.

A safari is education, illumination, inspiration and awe. It’s the most unforgettable way to spend time as a family – especially when you come with us. 

Our fly-in safaris remove the stress: using our personalised, direct flights means less tiring travel, more time chilling in lodges, leaping into pools, dissecting piles of poo… Because our guides don’t just know the bush – they know how to bring it to life for younger minds. They will mix thrilling big game encounters with hot chocolates at sunrise and marshmallows on the campfire, with learning to follow animal tracks and throw spears like the Maasai. They will open up Africa in a variety of ways.

Our safaris have the details covered too. When you arrive at a new camp, the team will already know what your kids like for breakfast, what animals they’ve already encountered and which they’re still desperate to see. Leaving you to relax and enjoy, together.

Your family, your peace of mind

There’s no more thrilling family holiday than a SkySafari. From tracking big cats to identifying bugs, from flying into remote wilderness camps to watching shooting stars, from making new Maasai friends to lazing by the pool, there’s the perfect mix of high adventure and relaxing down time to suit kids of all ages.

There’s no minimum age for children joining a SkySafari. You know your children best, after all. That said, over-sevens tend to get the most out of the experience – when they are old enough to fully appreciate the new wonders around them, and their curiosity is running wild. 

Fortunately, our safaris are supremely safe. While there’s nothing like the frisson of getting close to wild animals, it’s always done with the utmost care. Every staff member at every camp is focused on ensuring you and your family are never in danger – they will keep watch, escort you after dark and educate you in animal behaviour, keeping you safe while giving you a deeper understanding of the bush

Oh the stories they will tell

Mother Nature’s school room

What better geography, geology, biology or sociology lesson could there be than this? Take the kids on a SkySafari and they’ll learn without even realising: they’ll find out how lions hunt and how termites build their mounds; they’ll see how weaver birds make their nests and how Maasai milk their goats. Every moment will reveal something new, something fascinating – no textbook required. 

Our safaris are not passive experiences either. We won’t make kids sit in safaris trucks for hours (unless that’s what they want). They’ll get to burn off some of that youthful energy too. They might follow animal prints on foot, ride bikes or horses across the plains, undertake Maasai warrior training or simply splash about in pools with incredible views.

We’ll also take the time to get to know your children. Fussy about food? No problem. Our camps can cook up their favourite dishes – and will make sure there are plenty of treats on hand throughout the whole trip. In fact, with bespoke bush breakfasts, wilderness picnics and evenings spent roasting marshmallows on the fire, even the pickiest bellies will be more than satisfied.


Breathtaking Adventures

Kenya Safari

Tanzania Safari

East Africa Safari

Safari extensions

Why not stay a little longer?
We know that Africa is apt to get under your skin; you probably won’t want to leave. So we’re happy to help you extend your stay beyond our regular SkySafaris, in whatever way you choose.

Rest and Relaxation on a beach

After all those early starts on safari, you might fancy a few days – or weeks – simply lazing on the beach. And we know just the spots.

More time in the bush

Whether you want more time in the bush or on the beach, we can make it happen.

Any questions?

We’re committed to making your SkySafari the adventure of a lifetime as well as helping to safeguard the African wilderness for future generations. Want to know more about how we do both? Get in touch with our expert team.